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Concrete Definitions

Air Entrainment

All our mixes are chemically air-entrained. This means microscopic bubbles are introduced into the fluid concrete allowing expansion and contraction of the hardened concrete.

This provides increased resistance to temperature changes (freezing and thawing) and minimizes cracking. Air-entrainment also greatly improves workability, giving semi-liquid concrete a “creamy” look and feel. Less water is required in all mixes, and the billions of air bubbles (400-600 billion per cubic yard) reduce “bleeding” ( separation of the water from the paste), resulting in a more durable concrete.


Slump refers to the fluidity or stiffness of semi-liquid concrete. Unlike ready-mix, our truck operator controls the amount of water that is being added to your mix as it is beling delivered, assuring you the slump you desire.

Fiber Mesh

Fiber mesh is a mass of small polypropylene fibers that can be added to your mix upon request. The fibers are uniformly distributed throughout the mix and provide added protection from cracking due to shrinkage and expansion. Replacing rebar and/or wire mesh. Fiber Mesh is an additional $10.00 per yard more.


This additive is used upon request, usually during the winter, to enhance curing. Accelerator cost is $10.00 per % per yard.

Hot Water

Is used during the winter months to help the chemical process start in cold weather, so finishing can be completed properly. Hot water is free with Accelerator.