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United States of America + 555 786 897 Mon-Sat, 9:00 am-7:00 pm Mail us office@example.com


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Prices & Fees

Please contact us for concrete pricing
(360) 887-2855

Additional Fees

Cost is $10.00 per % per yard.

Hot Water
Free with Accelerator

Fiber Mesh
$15.00 per cubic yard.

We give you Ten (10) minutes per cubic yard to take the mix off the truck, then time begins @ $2.00 per minute past your allotted time.

Show Up Fee
$200.00 minimum charge

Cancellation Notices
4 Hour cancellation notice
2 Hour cancellation for weather

A late cancellation fee will apply to jobs cancelled within this window.

Cash, check on site at end of pour is mandatory.
We also have a $25.00 charge on all NSF checks.
We gladly accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa. We do charge a 3.5% Convenience Fee.

We charge within a half yard of what you order, it is to your benefit to be as accurate as possible in your measuring/ordering.